EnerMax Liquid-Cooling Energy Storage Cabinet

Product Features and Advantages


Intelligent main control technology
Intelligent charge and discharge control
Intelligent battery management system

High performance

Service life: 6000 cycles
Excellent current balancing performance
Wider application temperature range
Excellent overcurrent capability

High security

Use safer lithium iron phosphate batteries
Supports a variety of real-time alarm and protection functions
Built-in DC switch to isolate battery and inverter
Built-in fire protection module

Distributed Liquid-cooling Battery Cabinet

Megawatt-scale energy storage systems

(For Cell) UL9540A,UL1642, UL1973,IEC62660-3, IEC62619, IS 16046 (Part 2) : 2018 / IEC 62133-2 : 2017

Cluster management system

One cluster management

Cell stage monitoring

Full charge

Cluster + cell temperature homogenisation

Improved cell consistency

Product Parameters

The main parameters

Other parameters

Accessories parameters

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