EnerSmart 48V Li-ion Batteries

Product Features and Advantages


Active control technology
Built with smart BMS and active control optimizer
Precise & remote assessment of SOC and SOH

Improved performance

Cycle life: 4000-6000 cycles
Wide temperature range
Excellent current balancing performance
Mixed use with lead-acid battery & conventional lithium batteries

Great safety

Reliable LiFePO4 cells
Multiple real-time warnings and protections
Local & remote monitoring

EnerSmart 48V Series Li-ion Battery

Smarter, safer and more reliable

The EnerSmart series 48V smart telecom Li-ion battery is composed of prismatic LFP  cells, intelligent BMS and active control optimize and is developed for the 5G telecom market. The product feaures high reliability & safety, fast charging, high compatibility, long cycle life, and high energy density etc. It allows for seperate charge/discharge control, making it a good choice for the high-power long-distance power supply scenario of 5G telecom base stations and reconstructed base stations.

IEC62619, IEC62620, UN38.3, EN61000, and UL1973



Various work modes: bus voltage following, constant-voltage, peak-shaving, peak shifting, etc.

Allowing for mixed use with lead-acid batteries or conventional new/recycled lithium batteries

More Optional

Unprecedented safety levels

48V100, 48V150, and 48V200 optional

Applicable to various scenarios

Built-in fire-proof module for improved reliability

Reconstructed Site Solution

Multiple Solutions

Widely applicable

Newly Constructed Site:

  • EnerSmart ActivePack Macro Station Power Supply 

  • EnerSmart 5G Micro Station Power Supply

Reconstructed Site:

  • EnerSmart+ Solar

  • EnerSmart+ Energy Storage

  • EnerSmart+ Battery


Multiple choice

4000-6000 times

Long cycle life


Compact design

Product Parameters

BS48V100 Parameters


BS48V150 Parameters


BS48V200 Parameters


Performance Curve


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