EnerSmart Integrated Power Supply System

Product Features and Advantages

Highly Integrated

All-in-one and modular design
Multiple input and output models (power-grid, diesel generator, solar energy)
Reserved space for communication devices


EMS real-time monitoring
Working modes (peak shifting, peak shaving, etc.)
Support of system parallel connection


Module redundancy (N+1)
Multiple cooling methods: air conditioning, heat exchangers, and forced air cooling
Real-time warnings and protections

Integrated Outdoor Power Supply System

Modular design

Designed to provide reliable and efficient power to the telecom equipment in outdoor environments, such as base stations and towers. The system consists of various modules that can be independently maintained and replaced. This allows for easy adaptation, customization, and scalability of the system to meet needs of different scenarios.

EMC, CE, IEC, UN38.3

Being Smart

Smart and efficient solution

An integrated outdoor power supply system for telecom sites

A smart and efficient solution that provides reliable and stable power for communication base stations in various environments


  • Real-time monitoring

  • Variety of energy storage working modes

  • Syste-level parallel connection.

Highly Integrated

Easy installation, maintenance, and expansion.

All-in-one degisn

Redundancy module

Flexble mixed use of new and old battery packs

Reconstructed Site Solution

Simplified Deployment

Increased energy efficiency & easy installation

Cutting-edge power electronics technologies for improved energy efficiency

Modular and integrated design for simple deployment

Helping customers to unleash sites’ potentials and maximize Total their Value of Ownership (TVO)

100/150 [Ah]

Battery Capacity

≥ 96%

System Efficiency


Protection Grade

Product Parameters

Product Parameters


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