EnerSmart Integrated Energy Storage Cabinet

Product Features and Advantages


Active control technology
Intelligent charge and discharge control
Intelligent battery management system

High Performance

Service life: 6000+ cycles
Excellent current balancing performance
Excellent overcurrent capability

Enhanced Reliability

LFP batteries
Multiple real-time alarms and protections
Inverter&battery isolation
Built-in fire-proof module

Base Station ESS Solution

By automatically detecting the voltage of the DC bus, the EnerSmart Energy Storage Cabinet allows for autonomous charging and discharging control and seamlessly installation without affecting the operation of the original equipment, maximizing the reliability of the base station equipment operation.

The system supports customization of management strategies, which ensures that the system is charged and discharged reasonably at different electricity price stages, completing peak-valley arbitrage performance.

CE, UL, UN38.3

Flexible Configuration

Multiple specifications, flexible expansion

Supports flexible combinations of 100Ah, 150Ah, and 200Ah EnerSmart lithium batteries

High-Efficiency Energy Management System

Profit maximization

EMS system allowing for management policy customization. Users can customize the charging and discharging triggering time and duration based on local peak-valley electricity prices and real-time peak-valley arbitrage data of the system.

Reconstructed Site Solution

Cloud Management

Intelligent & remote operation and maintenance and monitoring

Intelligent management, smooth switching of various operation modes

Support for third-party platform docking and development

Real-time management of multiple sites

≥6000 Times

Cycle Life

Online Management

EMS + Cloud


System Efficiency

Product Parameters

Product Management


Other Features


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