EnerMax Hybrid ESS

Product Features and Advantages

Highly Integrated

Simultaneous input from battery and PV
Easy after-sales service
DC/AC side modular design


Support of distributed layout
fire-proof module
Cluster management


EMS&Cloud real-time monitoring
AC/DC-side flexible management

Active Control Energy Storage Solution

Microgrid energy storage systems

Integrated & modular design|CS30KP70S/CS40KP100S optional|micro grid energy storage application|integrated with BMS & EMS, fire-proof, and temperature control modules

UL9540A, UL1642, UL1973, IEC62660-3, IEC62619, IS 16046 (Part 2): 2018 / IEC 62133-2: 2017

Extended Service Life

Long-life cells and core components

Cells > 6000 cycles (80% EOL), large air duct design for each battery cell for optimized heat dissipation design to extend system service life

High Conversion Efficiency

World leading high efficiency

System conversion efficiency up to 90%; seamleass switching between high-current charging and discharging to improve the power conversion efficiency

On- and Off-Grid Operation

Automatic smart management

0 seconds switching between on- and off-grid connection for the stable power supply for different loads

Product Parameters

System parameters


Topology diagram


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