RE+2023 US Exhibition丨Wonderful appearance, embracing the future!

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From September 12th to 14th, the RE+2023 exhibition was held as scheduled in Las Vegas, USA. The exhibition is the most influential industry event in the photovoltaic and energy storage fields in North America, bringing together more than 1,300 clean energy companies from 100+ countries/regions. This time, COSLINK made a wonderful debut with a new generation of household energy storage and distributed industrial and commercial energy storage solutions.

The independence of regional grids and the aging of power equipment in the U.S. market have driven the rapid development of grid-side energy storage and utility energy storage in the United States. The federal IRA Act and ITC tax-free subsidy policies have stimulated the full bloom of stacked photovoltaic storage, distributed energy storage, and household storage. Nearly 17 states, led by California, have also introduced clear energy storage subsidy systems. The U.S. market has begun to enter a stage of comprehensive competition. Customers of various types of system installation, photovoltaic construction, project development, and general contracting EPC have visited the COSLINK booth to interact with the COSLINK market. The personnel conducted detailed and in-depth market and product exchanges.

At RE+2023 this time, COSLINK demonstrated its household storage and distributed industrial and commercial storage products based on COSLINK master-controlled energy storage technology, attracting the attention of many customers. COSLINK master-controlled energy storage technology can automatically and actively increase and decrease voltage, allowing COSLINK smart battery packs to be mixed with other types of lithium batteries and even lead-acid batteries, which greatly improves the difficulty of equipment deployment for customers and enhances the effectiveness of customer investments. In line with the general trend of energy transformation, COSLINK Digital Energy will work closely with more home users and commercial users to jointly achieve a green and safe future energy use experience.

With its rich technology accumulation, project delivery experience and stable and scientific supply chain management, COSLINK can provide overall OEM/ODM services to global customers and help overseas companies establish local brands. COSLINK will focus on improving its technology research and development capabilities and provide design and production services from battery packs and battery systems to overall off-grid energy storage systems for different types of customers, fully covering customer needs in different scenarios, and providing high-quality technical services to more customers. Multiple users jointly embrace the new era of smart energy and share the wind of green development.

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