EnerSmart Embedded MPPT Controller

Product Features and Advantages


Intelligent main control technology
Intelligent charge and discharge control
Intelligent battery management system

High performance

Service life: 6000 cycles
Excellent current balancing performance
Wider application temperature range
Excellent overcurrent capability

High security

Use safer lithium iron phosphate batteries
Supports a variety of real-time alarm and protection functions
Built-in DC switch to isolate battery and inverter
Built-in fire protection module

EnerSmart Embedded MPPT Controller

Each unit is 1U, and up to 4 units can be expanded, remote monitoring is available.

1U unit, integrating 2 PV modules and 1 monitoring module, can be installed in any combination of 3KW/4KW PV modules. The rated power output range of each unit is 3~8 kW. It has cascade function, can be expanded up to 4 units, and supports remote upgrade and debugging.

Flexible Configuration

Wide power range

Each unit can supply 3 kW/4 KW PV modules for arbitrary combination installation. Up to 4 units can be smoothly expanded, and it can support 3~24 kW application scenarios.

High Compatibility

Supports a wide range of communications

It has RS485, 4G, and dry contact interfaces; supports communication with multiple parallel connection, centralized monitoring and management; supports third-party platform access.

Reconstructed Site Solution

Intelligent Management

More intelligent and convenient

It has MPPT tracking function, which can collect PV voltage, current, power, cumulative power generation, output voltage, DC converter output current of the device itself, and visualize them into curve charts and reports. All curve charts and reports support download and local upper computer, APP, and web remote monitoring.

3~24 kW

Support Power Range



58V~150V DC

Input Voltage

Product Parameters

The main parameters

Input Voltage58V DC~150V DC
Input Switch2
Output Voltage43V DC~58V DC; Rated value 48V DC
Output Switch1
Output Power Range3~8 kW, supports mixed use of 3 kW and 4 kW PV modules
Operating Temperature–20℃~+55℃
Overall Efficiency≥97%
Protection LevelIP20
Protection MechanismInput over-voltage, input under-voltage, output over-voltage, output current limiting, output short circuit and over-temperature protection

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