The Importance of User-Side Energy Storage

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Power grid perspective:

User-side energy storage can realize on-site power consumption and storage, relieving the pressure on the power grid. Our country's power resources are not aligned with the locations of the loads, and many provinces had power shortages in 2023. In addition, the high proportion of new energy generated power's access will affect the stability of the power grid. Therefore, a reasonable deployment of either the residential energy storage or the industrial & commercial energy storage can effectively improve the on-site power consumption & storage capabilities.


Household perspective:

Optimized energy utilization, reduced household electricity costs, and ensured electricity stability

(1) Respond to power outages and emergencies: In emergencies (such as natural disasters or grid failure), energy storage systems can provide backup power for households to fulfill people's basic needs, such as lighting, communications and home safety.

(2) Optimize energy utilization: Households can use energy storage systems to store low-cost electricity during off-peak hours and then use it during peak hours, thereby reducing electricity costs. In addition, for a home's own renewable energy system (such as solar panels or wind turbines), energy storage systems can help balance the time difference between energy production and consumption, improving energy use efficiency.

Note: As independent home photovoltaic systems are more widely used overseas, the demand for household energy storage products is stronger in the European and American markets.With the promotion of photovoltaic self-consumption scenarios and the increasingly obvious peak-valley electricity price difference, the demand for smart residential storage products in the Southeast Asian market continues to grow.


COSLINK Residential Energy Storage Solution

Enterprise perspective:

Stable power supply + increased cost efficiency

1) Enterprises’ urgent demand for electricity: Industrial and commercial electricity demand remains high, with its electricity consumption accounting for 66.01% of the total electricity consumption of the society in 2023. Since 2022, many provinces have issued power restriction documents, causing electricity anxiety in enterprises. The installation of industrial and commercial PV and storage system is an important means for enterprises to maintain normal operations.

2) The economy of industrial and commercial energy storage is highlighted: Driven by policies such as "Time-of-use electricity price " and "Electricity Marketization", industrial & commercial electricity prices continue to grow, and the peak-valley electricity price difference increases, thus driving the economy effect high. Taking the 3MW/6.88MWh energy storage project in Zhejiang as an example, when the peak-valley electricity price difference is 0.93 Yuan/kWh, the IRR can reach 16.45%. It is expected that industrial and commercial users can recover their investment in 3-5 years.



COSLINK Commercial&Industrial Energy Storage (On-grid&Off grid) Solution

Policy perspective:

Since 2023, the popularity of user-side energy storage in Guangdong has been greatly increasing, the monthly registered storage capacity has been continuously refreshed, and the government has also intensively introduced relevant support policies.

In June 2023, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Guangdong Provincial Energy Bureau issued the "Several Measures in Guangdong Province to Promote the Development of New Energy Storage Power Stations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures").The "Measures" propose to vigorously encourage the development of user-side energy storage and support industrial and commercial enterprises, industrial parks, etc. in building new energy storage power stations; it was also emphasized that if the products used in user-side energy storage projects are found to meet the standards and specifications of Advanced High-Quality Products, the electricity consumption of the energy storage facilities will be measured separately, and the electricity price will be implemented in accordance with the province's cold storage electricity price policy. Public information shows that the cold storage electricity prices in Guangdong Province corresponds to the flat and valley hours' proces in the peak-flat-valley electricity policy (peak:flat:valley price ratio: 1.65:1:0.25). The off-peak electricity price is the lowest in the country, thus the peak-valley difference is the largest. Such an electricity price policy ensures a satisfying investment excepted return of the user-side energy storage projects in Guangdong.


COSLINK Distributed Commercial&Industrial Energy Storage System

COSLINK, providing comprehensive energy storage solutions

COSLINK focuses on behind-the-meter business, committed to providing customers with a full range of energy storage solutions and products, including user-side energy storage (household and industrial&commercial) and site energy storage (micro base station and macro base station). Based on COSLINK Active Control Technology, we deliver users with more economical, stabler and smarter energy. Our vision is to become a world-class distributed ESS integrator and solution provider and continue to create greater value and benefits for customers.

COSLINK patented Active Control Technology


COSLINK Active Control Technology: Build comprehensive technical advantages 

based on hardware + software + algorithms.



Easy mixed use with lead-acid batteries or conventional lithium batteries.


Intelligent regulation & synchronized charging and 

discharging for high-efficiency operation of energy storage systems



Accurate data collection, down-to-cell-level energy management and 

intelligent charging and discharging strategies customization


Support of data real-time uploading to COSLNK Cloud







To learn more about our products, please follow COSLINK’s official account. We will continue to provide customers with Active Control Technology application solutions.

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