EnerMax-C&I All-in-One ESS

Product Features and Advantages


Intelligent main control technology
Intelligent charge and discharge control
Intelligent battery management system

High performance

Service life: 6000 cycles
Excellent current balancing performance
Wider application temperature range
Excellent overcurrent capability

High security

Use safer lithium iron phosphate batteries
Supports a variety of real-time alarm and protection functions
Built-in DC switch to isolate battery and inverter
Built-in fire protection module

50kWh Distributed Energy Storage On-Grid Cabinet

1C standard charge/discharge, One station, one cabinet

EnerMax-C&I series distributed energy storage outdoor cabinet adopts all-in-one design, the product adopts integrated and modular assembly design concept, and highly integrates the local EMS system, energy storage inverter system, battery system, temperature control system, and fire protection system in an independent IP54 outdoor cabinet, which can be flexibly installed in indoor and outdoor environments. It supports grid-connected scenarios, and users can flexibly configure the system according to the actual application scenarios.

IEC62619, IEC62620, EN61000, UL1973, UN38.3,
EN50549, IEC62109, EN61000, G99, NRS097

Highly integrated


A single cabinet integrates all energy storage equipment

Support of multiple scene applications

Compatible with photovoltaic and energy storage converters

Reliable and safe

Product safety, customer confidence

Local EMS monitors the operation of the energy storage system in real time, with a built-in secondary aerosol fire protection system

Power quality optimization

Power upgrade

1. Peak shifting to alleviate the contradiction between peak and valley electricity consumption.

2. Smart control to improve the power quality of the power grid.

3. Off-grid backup power can be used as a large-scale uninterruptible power supply to solve the problem of power consumption in remote areas.

110% long-term operation

Overload capacity

Product Parameters

The main parameters

Rated capacity [Ah]100
Rated Voltage [V]512
Rated capacity [kWh]51.2
Max. Continuous Charge Current [A]100 (0.5C)
Max. Continuous Discharge Current [A]100 (0.5C)
Temperature Range [℃]-20~60℃
CoolingForced air cooling
Noise70 dB

Other parameters

CommunicationEthernet, RS485, CAN
Dimensions [W*D*H, mm]800*950*2200
IP GradeIP54

Accessories parameters

Fire FightingAerosol

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