Distributed Power Control Cabinet

Product Features and Advantages


Intelligent main control technology
Intelligent charge and discharge control
Intelligent battery management system

High performance

Service life: 6000 cycles
Excellent current balancing performance
Wider application temperature range
Excellent overcurrent capability

High security

Use safer lithium iron phosphate batteries
Supports a variety of real-time alarm and protection functions
Built-in DC switch to isolate battery and inverter
Built-in fire protection module

Distributed Power Control Cabinet

Grid-connected control energy storage system

The distributed power cabinet integrates 5 DC/AC inverter modules, temperature control system, fire protection system, local monitoring, access control, water immersion, etc. into an IP54 outdoor cabinet. The product supports grid-connected operation mode. This system can be used with photovoltaic systems to form an AC coupled PV & battery  storage system.
(For PCS module) IEC62477-1/IEC62109-1,-2/G99/AS/NZS 4777.2/EN 50549-1,-2.

Ultimate Safety

Double overcharge and overdischarge protection

Single-cluster architecture, electrical isolation, significantly reduce the risk of electrical short circuit independent battery compartment, physical isolation, better protection of the battery.

Better Profit

High system energy efficiency

Intelligent single cluster management, no loop current loss, supports non-stop operation and maintenance, and improves total system utilisation.

Grid Friendly

Flexible Heeling Net Control

Customised grid functions to support the stable operation of a high proportion of new energy power systems and meet the needs of advanced applications in complex scenarios.

Product Parameters

The main parameters

DC Output Voltage Range[V]600-1000
Max. PV input Power [kW]36/48
Max. PV input Power [kW]36/48
Limit of DC current [A]250
AC side rated voltage [V]400/480Vac

Other parameters

Dimensions[W*D*H, mm]850x1100x2330
Operating temperature range[℃]-25 ~ +60

Accessories area

IsolationPure grid connection: no isolation transformer is configured
Fire FightingAerosol

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