Flexible ESS Active Control Solution Create Greater Value

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Since 2021, China has introduced a clear plan to vigorously encourage the installed capacity of energy storage (excluding pumped storage), as well as many provinces and cities has implemented time-of-use electricity price policy. Thus, the focus of industry attention is how to effectively utilize different electricity prices during peak and flat hours to reduce cost and accelerate the ROI cycle of energy storage.

Globally, with the rapid development of smart power grid, AI, and Industrial Internet, the market requires smarter, more controllable, and safer energy storage products/solutions. Moreover, in order to comply with the general trend of intelligent source-grid-load-storage integration, COSLINK has deeply devoted to providing customers with flexible & active control ESS solutions.

What is flexible Active Control ESS Solution?

COSLINK flexible Active Control ESS Solution features flexible DC power distribution technology and active control technology to achieve efficient control and optimal management of electric energy. A flexible ESS solution has significant advantages as follows:

1. Zero battery-redundancy required, low LCOE, simple operation and maintenance, which helps greatly reduce the maintenance cost of customers;

2. Pack-to-system high conversion efficiency;

3. Long service life;

4. Support of plug and play, no need grouping with existing packs;

5. Built with an intelligent control subsystem to isolate pack failures to ensure a highly improved ESS stability.

This flexible Active Control Solution can make the ESS serving as the backup power as well as make profits for customers. We believe such type of solutions will become the mainstream in small & medium and even large scale BESS applications in the future.

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