COSLINK Active Control Technology Safeguards the Proper Operation of Central Server Rooms

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In the digital era, the operation stability and reliability is critical to central server rooms and data centers. Any power interruption can lead to severe business loss and data loss. To ensure that your central server room is running properly under any circumstances, COSLINK has launched the EnerSmart Series 3000Ah Power Backup System - an efficient, reliable and easy-to-maintain uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution.


This system/solution adopts COSLINK's unique Active Control Technology and intelligent EMS. As many as 30 sets of EnerSmart lithium batteries in the system are connected in parallel, providing a large-capacity and high-efficiency power for the existing large-scale power supply equipment of the central server room. The output current of the system is up to 2000A, and the backup time is about 1.5 hours. The system is equipped with over-current protection, automatic equalization, fault isolation, automatic/manual capacity assessment, over temperature protection, fire protection and other functions.


  • Intelligent: Active control technology enables large-scale battery modules to work together

  • Reliability: Strict quality control and testing ensures reliable power supply at critical occasions

  • Economical: Cost-effective solution saves long-term maintenance and operating costs

  • Safety: Multiple protection mechanisms ensure the safety of equipment and personnel





Specific advantages of COSINK EnerSmart lithium battery applications:

Intelligent management: The intelligent battery management sub-system (BMS+BDC) enables real-time data monitoring and management of each battery cell, including the monitoring of key parameters such as the voltage, current, temperature, etc., to ensure that the battery operates in the optimal state and improve the overall safety and reliability of the system.


Rapid response and power supply reliability: Intelligent charge/discharge control module is integrated inside each battery pack to realize pack-level communication Through the battery synchronized charging and discharging control, it is can be ensured that each battery pack contributing to the balanced performance of the system, avoiding issues of bias current and loop current between the packs. When the power grid AC power supply is interrupted, the system can react quickly to provide large current to the load equipment (charge-to-discharge switch time less than 5ms), ensuring the continuous operation of critical equipment in the data center and reducing the risk of service interruption due to power black-out.


Flexibility & Scalability: EnerSmart lithium batteries are based on modular design, which enables easy configuration and expansion. Moreover, with support of mixed use with old batteries (allowing for parallel connection of old/new EnerSmart lithium and conventional lithium batteries, without affecting the life and performance of such batteries), EnerSmart lithium batteries can be a better choice to meet the requirement of future business growth and technological updates.


Peak-valley electricity price utilization: This solution can help data centers reduce operating costs by storing energy during times of lower electricity prices (valley prices) and releasing energy during times of peak prices.

High energy density and high system efficiency: The high energy density of the battery means that with the same energy demand, the volume and weight of lithium batteries are smaller than traditional lead-acid batteries, which saves installation space and reduces the load-bearing pressure of the building. At the same time, with a higher system efficiency of up to 92%, energy conversion loss is greatly reduced.

Long cycle life: The battery has a long cycle life of more than 6,000 times, far exceeding that of traditional lithium batteries. This reduces the frequency of battery replacement in data centers and lowers long-term operating costs for owners.


Support the access of renewable energy: The battery system can support solar, wind and other renewable energy access to help data centers achieve energy diversification and cleanliness requirement. Through intelligent charging and discharging strategies, renewable energy self-generation and self-use requirement can be easily fulfilled to improve the utilization rate of renewable energy.


Through the advantages mentioned above, COSLINK's EnerSmart lithium battery systems (Active Control Technology based) could play an important role in the energy efficiency management of data centers, which not only improves the data center's energy usage efficiency, but also enhances the data center's energy reliability and environmental sustainability.

Application scenarios:

Financial Institution Data Centers


Telecom Operator Sever Rooms


Government and Public Safety Facilities


Internet Service Providers


COSINK EnerSmart 3000Ah Central Server Room Power Backup System keeps your key business running continuously and stably under any circumstances.
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