See You Next Year, Intersolar!

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Under the scorching summer sun, the three-day Intersolar Europe 2024 successfully concluded on June 21.

As the world's most authoritative clean energy exhibition, Intersolar Europe has been successfully held for 31 sessions. Manufacturers, partners, and customers from the global new energy sector gathered together to explore the energy transformation and the infinite possibilities of smart energy. Over 900 Chinese companies showcased at this exhibition, contributing Chinese wisdom and solutions to the construction of a low-carbon energy system.

EnerMax Active Control Energy Storage Products

This is the second time COSLINK has participated in Intersolar Europe. Based on the deep understanding of European even global energy storage needs and pain points, we brought the brand-new EnerMax Active Control energy storage products.

EnerMax Active Control products and solutions attracted many customers to COSLINK booth. In addition to showcasing the latest smart battery technology and products, we also took this opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with many potential customers. Lots of customers recognized our Active Control energy storage technology route and related products, increasing our confidence in further expanding the European market.

Industry Pain Points


Currently, the industry's energy storage solutions and products generally have issues such as poor consistency, difficulty in expansion, bias currents, and challenges in multi-point collaborative management. The one who can solve these pain points will conquer the market.



COSLINK Active Control Solution, through a built in active-control optimizer, can actively adjust and protect batteries charging and discharging, greatly improving the consistency between battery packs and clusters. Through active charging & discharging control and active balancing, the mixing of old and new batteries and the future expansion become easier. Combined with COSLINK self-developed intelligent EMS and cloud-based platform, it can easily achieve remote & real-time data uploading and automatic analysis, intelligent control strategy formulation, peak-valley electricity price arbitrage, and multi-site equipment collaborative management, significantly reducing customers' operational and after-sales costs.

Advance with perseverance


Although the Intersolar exhibition has ended, COSLINK’s journey to solving pain points for smart electricity customers has just begun. We will remain true to our original aspiration, continuously improving the usable capacity of energy storage systems, quickly accumulating experience in system stability and safety design, and providing customers with more intelligent and flexible energy storage solutions and products, contributing to the construction of a global smart power network.

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