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On June 20th, two sets of 100kW/233kWh COSLINK Active Control Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Systems were shipped from the Dongguan factory to the project installation site in Shandong.

Due to the tight project deadline and heavy tasks, with the client's approval, we arranged for the debugging work to be conducted directly at the project installation site.

This liquid cooling project is a major project in Shandong Province, demanding top-notch system technology, product safety and stability. Once the system was transported to the site and installed using a crane, the scorching summer heat did not diminish the enthusiasm of COSLINK engineers. Upholding the belief that our clients' issues are our own, our engineers immediately started the debugging work.

Have you ever witnessed the first light of dawn at 4 AM? 

Relentlessly working around the clock to fulfill our mission is COSLINK's promise and dedication to our clients.

Why choose COSLINK?

COSLINK EnerMax Active Control Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Cabinet integrates battery modules, BMS, temperature control, fire protection, power & environment monitoring, access control, and water immersion modules, etc., into an IP54 outdoor cabinet. The cabinet contains five 166.4V 280Ah (0.5C 1P52S) liquid cooling battery packs with an IP67 protection level, connected in series to form a high-voltage battery cluster to output via a high-voltage box.

System Topology


We use an integrated BMS for the battery management, which consists battery cell management units (SBMU) and an upper level SBCU. The SBCU monitors and manages the five battery modules within the cluster, by collecting the status data (voltage, current, temperature, state of charge, etc.), estimating and correcting the SOC and SOH, as well as conducting charging and discharging monitoring and protection. This significantly increases the usable capacity of the battery stack, greatly alleviating the management pressure and and capacity anxiety for users.


Furthermore, the system collaborates with COSLINK self-developed intelligent management platform and remote backend, which allows for remote and real-time multi-point and multi-device management, significantly enhancing customers' usage and operational experience, and reducing the system's lifecycle maintenance costs.



The trust and reliance our clients place in us are the driving forces behind COSLINK's relentless efforts. Focusing on the actual needs of our users, we have been tirelessly striving to solve their pain points!

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