EnerSmart base station energy storage system - the best choice for capacity expansion and stack storage scenarios

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With the implementation of my country's Digital China strategic plan, the country continues to increase investment in the information industry, not only building the world's largest 5G network, but also continuing to upgrade and expand its capacity. The energy consumption of 5G base stations is much higher than that of old base stations. Therefore, whether old base stations are renovated or new base stations are built, energy storage systems with higher energy density need to be configured to ensure the stable operation of communication equipment with higher power. How to reduce costs and increase efficiency has gradually become the primary concern and pain point for customers.

With the implementation of the peak-shifting electricity consumption policy, more and more users have begun to use peak-valley arbitrage to reduce corporate electricity expenditures. Therefore, the demand and requirements for energy storage batteries for newly built base stations or base station expansions and renovations have greatly increased. The market is in urgent need of a high-performance energy storage system that can match the power storage scenarios of communication base stations.

COSLINK focuses on energy storage technology and product development, and launches a new generation of EnerSmart base station energy storage system in response to the market's urgent needs, making energy manageable, visible, controllable, optimized, and remote, and enabling cloud operation and maintenance and intelligent management.

COSLINK intelligent cloud platform interface

The EnerSmart base station energy storage system consists of COSLINK EnerSmart smart lithium batteries, smart power distribution systems, energy management systems (EMS) and cloud management platforms. This product can be directly connected to the base station's switching power supply DC bus. By automatically detecting the DC bus voltage, it can realize independent charging and discharging and seamless uninterruptible power installation without affecting the operation of the original equipment and maximizing the safety of the base station equipment operation. Taken together, the system has the following outstanding highlights:

01\ Optimize product design and extend service life

EnerSmart smart lithium battery uses high-performance professional-grade energy storage cells, and each PACK comes with its own intelligent DC/DC step-up and step-down module and BMS management. The economic cycle life (PACK and system) exceeds 6,000 times, DOD>95% (leading industry level), and meets the market requirement of 15 years of design life for energy storage systems.

02\ Self-developed EMS system to maximize benefits

The EMS system independently developed by COSLINK has a built-in peak shifting control strategy, which can control the operation mode of the energy storage system. By reasonably setting the charging and discharging time periods, the system can ensure reasonable charging and discharging at different electricity price stages, and achieve peak and valley arbitrage. Users can customize the charging and discharging trigger time and length according to local peak and valley electricity price standards and the system's real-time peak and valley arbitrage data, and set segmented electricity prices to optimize investment returns. Taking a computer room energy-saving renovation project (5kW/20kWh energy storage configuration) as an example, through optimized control strategies, the system charge and discharge efficiency can reach more than 92%, and it is estimated that the return on investment only takes 3-5 years.

03\ Intelligent control, multi-mode automatic switching

The intelligent EMS system issues cycle charging and discharging instructions to each intelligent lithium battery PACK in the system, monitors the battery module operating data (refined management down to the operating status of each battery cell, and achieves equal charging and discharging), detects the status of the mains power, and When the mains power supply is abnormal, the control system automatically switches from peak shifting mode to backup power mode to meet the site's power backup requirements. The overall process is seamlessly switched, does not require human intervention, and does not affect the smooth operation of site equipment.

04\ Various specifications, flexible configuration

The EnerSmart base station energy storage system supports any combination of COSLINK 100Ah, 150Ah and 200Ah smart lithium batteries, which can be flexibly selected and configured according to the actual needs of users.

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05\ Distributed architecture, high system compatibility

The COSLINK EMS system follows the integrated design concept and adopts a distributed system architecture, which can flexibly expand and integrate various management functions. The implementation and use of various management functions are based on a unified database model and human-computer interaction interface, which can achieve unified maintenance. The system supports the docking development between users and third-party platforms, ensuring the interconnection and integration between the energy storage system and other external systems.

06\ Intelligent operation and maintenance & remote management

The COSLINK cloud platform adopts the industry's advanced technology and uploads real-time data collected by the local EMS system to the server through the IOT module, and calculates operating income based on preset algorithms (supports graphical data display and report download functions). Users can monitor and manage real-time operating data and fault alarms of multi-site equipment through the cloud platform, and implement online operation and maintenance by remotely issuing instructions to optimize user experience.

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