COSLINK launches the first overseas island optical storage off-grid project

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COSLINK Digital Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "COSLINK") recently successfully delivered a set of 500 kW/1290 kWh energy storage project. The system is used together with a 630 kWp photovoltaic power station. This solution uses Huyu Company’s standardized industrial and commercial energy storage cabinets to meet the customer’s customized needs and provides customers with a digital integrated package solution for light and firewood storage.

Scenery of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti

Application scenarios

The system is an integration of a diesel generator, a photovoltaic system, and an energy storage system. When the photovoltaic power generation is greater than the load power consumption, the photovoltaic system charges the energy storage system; when the photovoltaic power generation is less than the load power consumption, the system gives priority to using the energy storage power supply. If it is still not enough, a diesel generator is used to supplement the power supply to minimize traditional diesel consumption.

System topology diagram

Management logic

In the energy storage system, the battery pack feeds back status information to the battery management system (BMS), and the BMS shares it with the energy management system (EMS) and energy storage converter (PCS); the EMS controls the battery according to the built-in optimization and scheduling strategy. The information is sent to the PCS and BMS to control the energy storage battery to complete charging and discharging.

System layout

In the Haiti project, we used a 500 kW container power cabinet (PCS, EMS, transformer, local monitoring, temperature control, fire protection, lighting, etc. integrated in a set of 10-foot container) with 6 outdoor distributed energy storage battery cabinets ( Battery, BMS, temperature control, fire protection, etc. are integrated in a battery cabinet). This design solution can not only meet the large-capacity energy storage capacity requirements on off-grid islands, but also meet the high-level outdoor protection requirements on off-grid islands. COSLINK's standard 215-kilowatt-hour standard battery cabinet reaches IP65 protection level and adopts a complete air duct design. The battery temperature difference can be controlled within plus or minus 3 degrees, which can cope with relatively complex weather conditions on the island.

Program features

01. The COSLINK industrial and commercial energy storage system adopts the "1+N" mode, which is an advanced design concept of one distributed energy storage power supply control cabinet and N distributed battery cabinets, which facilitates system expansion and operation and maintenance.

02. COSLINK distributed battery cabinets can realize modular management of batteries, and cooperate with the intelligent management of power control cabinets to achieve accurate cluster-level management of batteries.

03. COSLINK intelligent battery optimizer realizes flexible control of battery voltage, has active adaptation and balancing characteristics, and can effectively avoid parallel mismatch and circulation risks.

04. The COSLINK distributed energy storage system truly realizes original factory components and complete machine transportation, which facilitates rapid on-site deployment by customers.

05. The entire energy storage system can be connected to the COSLINK intelligent cloud platform to achieve cloud management, help customers with remote upgrades, remote monitoring and fault analysis, and reduce customer operation and maintenance costs and difficulties.

System configuration overview

As the solution provider and system integrator of this project, COSLINK is responsible for the entire system design of the project from 0 to 1. At the same time, it provides core equipment independently developed and produced by BMS, main control box, monitoring cabinet, energy management system, etc. In COSLINK Industrial and Commercial Chu has taken a solid step in his overseas journey. In the future, COSLINK will continue to be oriented by the needs of end customers, with digital control technology as the core, and deepen the development of second-generation energy storage technology, determined to solve customer application pain points, and provide customers with more technical services and solutions based on master-controlled energy storage technology. product.

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