[Good News from the Innovation Competition] COSLINK successfully entered the finals of the Light Innovation Competition and the Industry Finals of the Shenzhen Innovation Competition!

Aug 25, 2022 View: 1

Heavy! Heavy! Heavy! After more than 30 days of waiting, the final list of the 6th Guangming District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Guangming Innovation Competition") was unveiled today.

The Guangchuang Competition industry competition includes 6 major industries. After strict on-site scoring, the top scoring companies in each industry will be selected to enter the finals. COSLINK won first place in the "New Energy, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection" industry group with its EnerSmart-Li intelligent lithium battery energy storage system and technology, and successfully advanced to the finals of the Light Innovation Competition!

On the same day, the organizing committee of the Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition also sent good news. COSLINK and its EnerSmart-Li smart lithium battery project successfully advanced to the industry finals of the 14th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2022!

There are more than 200 companies that have advanced to the industry finals of the Shenzhen Innovation Competition (including enterprise groups and team groups), covering 6 major industries: electronic information, Internet, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy, and energy conservation and environmental protection. Each 25 companies from the industry are selected to advance to the industry finals.

Due to limited space, only the promoted companies in the "new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection" industry are excerpted here. The details are as follows:

Although the Guangchuang Competition is a sub-regional event of the Shenzhen Innovation Competition, it is actually a competition organized by a different organizing committee from the Shenzhen Innovation Competition, and the promotion and award mechanisms are also different. COSLINK's entry into these two finals at the same time is not only the jury's recognition of Huyu's EnerSmart-Li intelligent lithium battery products and technology, but also proves the technological innovation and advancement that COSLINK represents in the energy storage field of the new energy industry.

I hope that COSLINK will continue to work hard in the next competition, be neither arrogant nor impetuous, fully demonstrate its products and technical strength, and present the image of COSLINK, which is engaged in R&D and products with heart, on the larger stage of the new energy industry!


COSLINK is committed to becoming the world's first-class energy storage system integrator and solution provider. COSLINK can provide customers with energy storage products and comprehensive integrated solutions in communication energy storage, home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and other application fields. The company has rich experience in energy storage integration projects, profound technical accumulation and advanced product design experience in battery, BMS, EMS, power supply, etc. COSLINK will continue to maintain focus and innovation in the fields of smart grid and smart energy storage, provide safer and more stable solutions, products and services for industry development and innovation, and help customers use electricity more economically and greener!

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