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Modern life is extremely stressful. We should occasionally slow down the pace of life, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the natural scenery, and take advantage of our leisure to experience the beauty of life. Imagine, on such a hot summer day, leaning on a lounge chair in a mountain cafe, holding a glass of June frozen drink, enjoying the fresh air-conditioning and feeling the mountain scenery. It feels so uncomfortable.

There is such a good place in Jiangmen City. When they come to this treasure cafe, most tourists will be attracted by the rows of photovoltaic power generation panels on the roof. It turns out that the coolness and comfort of this store rely on the COSLINK deployment Intelligent photovoltaic energy storage system (15kW/30kWh photovoltaic power generation + backup power system). This light storage system includes 30 535W photovoltaic panels on the roof of the cafe. The photovoltaic panels can not only block the scorching sun, but also continuously convert solar energy into electrical energy and deliver it to various electrical equipment in the cafe. In addition, this energy storage system is matched with three 5kW inverters used in parallel. The system output can be as high as 15kW, which can meet the power needs of high-power electrical equipment in the entire cafe. When the weather is fine, the daily photovoltaic power generation can reach up to about 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity. The electricity that cannot be consumed by electrical equipment will be stored in the 30kWh battery system configured in the photovoltaic storage system to ensure the spontaneous self-use rate of the entire system. In rainy weather or at night, the battery system can continuously supply power to the cafe's load, ensuring a comfortable environment in the cafe.

Green mountains and green waters are the most valuable assets. The COSLINK optical storage system can not only ensure users' continuous and stable power supply, but also provide independent clean energy for the operation of coffee shops through intelligent dispatching and management of the system. It also saves users electricity bills and reduces Customer operating costs.

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